From Tokyo to Brooklyn: A Jagged Journey


How do we reach in,

past the skin,

to sense otherness,

as it exists in our bodies and embodied histories?


“From Tokyo to Brooklyn: A Jagged Journey” (FTTB), will premiere in Minneapolis- St.Paul, Minnesota, Fall 2021. FTTB draws its inspiration from my bi-racial identity (Anglo- American and Japanese).


FTTB will feature an all-womxn cast of collaborating artists, who have experienced various degrees of displacement and miscegenation, and will use movement, voice, and immersive set installations to engage audiences.


I am inspired by the idea of genius loci or the "spirit of a place,” a concept that originally referenced geography and the qualities that come together to make a space meaningful. Poet David Whyte expanded the term to describe people; all the qualities that come together to make you, you. Working with my bi-racial identity and history, FTTB will delve into the curiosity my two family lines have long held about one another, and how my family lines came together to make me, me.


FTTB investigates how our ancestors and histories pour into our bodies: a cascade of DNA tumbling from one
generation into the next, mixing, accumulating, dividing; all the people and places that have shaped who a person is. Through FTTB, I will explore my Japanese-American immigrant story and history and use that as a jumping off point from which to complicate the story of being an American, mixed-race immigrant.


As a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Movement Educator, I will work with my dancers throughout the creative process to internally source somatic movement in order to access the body’s wisdom. The idea is to unspool our complicated, embodied histories and offer body- based explorations as ways of entering current conversations around race and “otherness.” In FTTB we will focus on the vocal apparatus, learning how identity, history and genius loci are stored there, storied there, and how those stories might be unearthed. I will begin this process by working to re- learn the language of my formative (Japanese) years, stimulating the muscles of my throat, mouth, tongue and face and evoking familiar, familial, and foreign states of being.