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Practitioner Statement:

The value of somatics in general is to have a physical practice that allows you to be engaged in your life more fully. If you are always in physical pain, it’s like something is always tugging at you or pulling you off “sensing, moving, and feeling” as a body. I liken pain in the body to an unbalanced orchestra: when the horns are playing too loud you can’t hear the tones, rhythms and subtleties of the orchestra as a whole.


Responding to the underlying cause of the pain then is paramount. I work first with the mechanical considerations and then move on to address the body as a whole. The priority of my movement training is to lessen the pain, and from there to address the complexities of being a biped.

Being a biped is a miracle and our physical training and practices needs to address maintaining that miracle.

Background and Training:

My practice as a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Movement Educator (ISMETA derives from my background as a dancer, pre-med student, and fitness trainer. Using my work as a Global Somatics™ practitioner I integrate all the systems (nervous, lymph, etc.) and structures (organs, muscles, bones, etc.) in my understanding of movement. The GYROTONIC® Expansion System furthered my knowledge in spiraling movements that open, restore and strengthen the body.


I have maintained a full-time bodywork practice in St. Paul, Minnesota for the last 20 years while also offering community somatics classes to dancers and interested individuals. I am currently working with a local chiropractor, to address somatic re-patterning using choreographic structures.

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